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The sheets below provide useful information on a range of topics.

Cambridge Fact Sheets

contains information about Cambridge

Cambridge International Curriculum

Primary Programme

Secondary Programme

contains information about IGCSE

AS/A Level
contains information about AS & A Level

contains information about AICE (Advanced Certificate of International Education)

contains information about the Checkpoint programme

Briefing Paper for University Admissions Staff Worldwide
an explanation of the general qualifications and their equivalence

Recognition and Equivalency Help Pack
provides a comparison of Cambridge qualifications with other national and international qualifications

ACSNZ Information Sheets

Cambridge - Fact or Fiction?
answers common misconceptions about Cambridge

Dispelling Myths about Cambridge

About Cambridge schools in New Zealand

Response to University of Auckland research comparing NCEA and Cambridge

Information for Employers

View the information sheet here (PDF).

Information for Parents

University of Cambridge International Examinations in New Zealand (PDF)

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