About CIE

Subject Cluster Groups have been established to enable ACSNZ teachers to share information related to various subjects.  Enquiries are also welcomed from teachers of schools considering Cambridge.

Please note that Home educated or private candidates are asked not to contact schools or teaching staff directly.

Click on a subject to email the Subject Coordinator:

 - Sophia Grobler
 - Debbie McLachlan
 - Lily Perkins
 - Michael Caley
 - Lawrence Stephens
 - Adrienne Petre
 - Jenny Smith
 - Kevin Jacobs
 - Angela Clayton
 - Shakti Ladkoo
 - Janine Tyler
 - Veronica Boughtwood
 - Margaret Ubels
 - Paul le Lievre
 - Gayle Coventry
 - Yu-Mei Lin
 - Jules Robson
 - Michelle Ngoh
 - Chris Artley
 - Ruby Marshall
 - Gavin Jennings
 - Eleanor Morfett
 - Michelle Pattison
 - Maria Lamberto

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